What you need to know when wearing a suit

Wearing a suit is classy and simple, but when it is worn the right way it can make a huge statement. There are a series of rules that accompany when wearing a suit. The aim of a suit is to look good and stand out, so here are some tips to wearing it properly. The first basic rule is the most important. This is that a suit comprises of at least a suit jacket and a trouser made from the same material. Furthermore, every other component of the suit must also be made from the same material. Never try to mix a jacket and trouser from different ones.

Tailor tips

Regardless of the quality of the material, a poorly cut suit will never look right on whoever wears it. It is paramount that you pay a great deal of attention to the cut. The suit should hug your shoulders. Most of the time, the shoulders get the first look before your other features.
You have to say no to baggy trousers. You don’t want to appear in a business meeting looking like you’ve got a parachute on your legs. The trousers should fit perfectly on your waist even before using a belt. The trouser length should be just above your shoes and always cover your leg with socks.

How to wear

There are some pointers to consider when wearing a suit to give style and comfort. You should always leave the last button open. It was put there just for aesthetic purpose. Do you feel the awkwardness when you sit with the button of your jacket fastened? It is because it is supposed to be unfastened.
Your shoes should always complement the colour of your suit. This is not the time to show how beautiful the rainbow colour is. Just go with either a black or a brown shoe. Furthermore, your belt should be the same colour as your shoe. Follow these tips and enjoy your day while wearing a suit.